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We Are Committed To Improving Your Health

Discover A Unique Op Shop Experience!

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind Op Shop that stands out from the rest! We’re thrilled to serve you with a blend of charm, community spirit, and philanthropy. Our doors swing open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and the first and third Saturday of every month, inviting you to explore a treasure trove of delightful finds. Our operating hours are from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm.

Run entirely by dedicated local volunteers, our Op-shop is more than just a store; it’s a heartwarming initiative that channels its proceeds towards supporting the community. Every item on our shelves has a purpose: to contribute to enhancing healthcare in our community.

Here’s what makes our Op-shop truly exceptional:

Passionate Community Involvement: Our shop is lovingly managed by local volunteers who are enthusiastic about giving back and making a positive impact.

Affordable Shopping: Step into our welcoming space and uncover affordably priced treasures that suit any budget.

Supporting a Worthy Cause: Every purchase you make directly benefits our community endeavours, helping us acquire essential equipment for enhanced health services.

We kindly request that donations be made during our opening hours. This ensures your generous contributions are well-cared for and not exposed to the elements.

Thank you for being a part of our Op-shop family! Your involvement truly makes a difference in our community’s health and well-being.

To become a volunteer, contact the health organisation reception on phone number +61 8323 6600


The McLaren Vale and Districts War Memorial Hospital is very thankful for the many donations it receives from other organisations, companies and individual benefactors.

Nurturing Health and Wellbeing for Over 65 Years: Meals on Wheels, Powered by Kalyra at McLaren Vale War Memorial Hospital


For more than six and a half decades, Meals on Wheels has stood as a pillar of unwavering support for the health and wellness of over 200,000 older Australians annually. Through our extensive network of over 590 service locations, we’ve touched lives, spread smiles, and fostered a sense of belonging.

At the heart of our operation lies a shared mission: to empower well-nourished, independent, and connected communities. This journey is made possible by the diligent efforts of our dedicated volunteer workforce. 

The collaborative spirit of Kalyra, is helping distribute over 900 meals per month to residents throughout McLaren Vale and Willunga.

Our Commitment:

Nutrition Beyond Meals: We don’t just deliver meals; we deliver nourishment that fuels not only the body but also the spirit.

A Friendly Face: Our volunteers bring more than food; they bring a warm presence, a friendly conversation, and a reassuring check-in.

Uniting Communities: Through our holistic approach, we’re not only sustaining individuals but weaving together the fabric of neighbourhoods.

Run by Kalyra, from the kitchens of McLaren Vale Memorial Hospital we stand firm in our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of older residents throughout McLaren Vale and surrounding areas. Join us in building a healthier, happier tomorrow for everyone we touch.